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“One of my clients faced a difficult situation and needed legal counsel, I recommended Richie Litigation and my clients couldn’t stop complimenting how well Richie Litigation handled their case. They are sticklers for details, and follow through on their promise.”

Sona G.

“This law firm is top notch! Their fees are reasonable and they will not nickel and dime you excessively for every email, phone call or other trifle matters. The most valued aspect of using this law firm is that you are under the best guidance for your own benefits. They care about you.”

Jay S.

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Los Angeles DUI Attorneys

DUI & Traffic Offenses

Nobody plans to get charged with a DUI. A DUI or Cannabis conviction can be absolutely devastating and negatively affect your life and those around you for many years to come. You get one shot to hire the best attorney. We’re glad you found us. Federal Criminal Charge defense

Federal Crimes Defense

Federal Crimes are extremely serious. Whether it’s a narcotics offense, kidnapping, wire fraud, money laundering or any federal charge, be confident that Richie Litigation has your back. We’ve handled the highest profile Federal Cases. Violemt Crimes Defense

Violent Crime Defense

If you are charged with a violent crime, you need a criminal defense attorney on your team who has a proven track record, the skills and the wherewithal to never stop fighting. We are Richie Litigation. We are the “never quit” Law Firm. Drug Crimes Defense

Drug Crimes

At Richie Litigation, we truly care about our clients. We work with individuals who are facing charges involving a myriad of illegal substances, from Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamine, Opiates, to Marijuana and other illegal drugs, without judging. Domestic Violence Representation

Domestic Violence

You truly deserve a domestic violence attorney who is both accomplished and caring. We are supremely effective at negotiating favorable dispositions for our clients and are not afraid to take a case to trial if need be, defend your rights, and win! Sex Crimes Defense

Sex Crimes

A sexual offense conviction carries very stiff penalties. Just being accused of a sex crime is highly stigmatizing and potentially forever life-changing. we represent clients charged with a variety of sex offenses. Let us help defend your case too.

At Richie Litigation, P.C. we have dedicated ourselves to the defense and exoneration of our clients for any Federal or State criminal charges they may face.

We have a reputation on providing a vicious, never withering defense for our clients.
If you face a criminal charge that is not listed here, Call Us . We are your last line of defense. Call Us Today (213) 265-7888

Meet Your Attorneys

You’ve found the best and brightest Trial Lawyers. Fighting For Your Rights and Freedom! 

Darren Richie


Chairman & Founder Darren Richie, Chairman, and Founder of Richie Litigation established his firm to provide his clients with only the best legal expertise. Powered by unwavering principles of integrity, bravery, and motivation; Richie will never give up on a client. Irene Chen, Attorney


Attorney Irene’s practice focuses on mergers and acquisitions where she represents both buyers and sellers. She provides her clients day-to-day counseling on a broad range of transactional and governance matters. Michelle Ferguson


Associate Attorney Michelle Ferguson is an associate attorney at Richie Litigation. Her practice focuses on criminal matters, primarily misdemeanors. She also handles family law cases, including child custody and divorce. Free Evaluation (213) 265-7888

Richie Litigation featured in the

Richie Litigation, P.C. as featured in the L.A. Times

Defendant-in-Actors’-Alleged-Kidnapping-Represented-by-Richie-L-WVIR-NBC29-Charlottesville-News-Sports-and-Weather-small-crop Four women sue UCLA for sexual harassment.

“The experienced, knowledgeable law firm that you can trust. Your true victims advocate that never quits the fight.”

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We’ve Represented Hundreds of Clients in Criminal Trials For Positive Outcomes.



Verdict: Time Served

FBI arrest on Conspiracy to Distribute Controlled Substances.
Facing 20-years to life in prison.


Verdict: Case Dismissed

Client brings loaded, unregistered gun with bullet in the chamber through TSA at Burbank Airport. Weapons Violation Charge PC 25850(A).

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