Rancho Humilde Label Signs Global Distribution Deal With Cinq Music

Rancho Humilde signs distribution deal with Cinq music.
Story Courtesy of Billboard.com
Jimmy Humilde, the founder and CEO of urban regional Mexican label Rancho Humilde, has signed a worldwide distribution deal with Cinq Music, Billboard has exclusively learned.
The indie distributor and publisher has signed the L.A.-based company, according to Cinq co-founder and president Barry Daffurn, who calls the record label part of a new wave of urban regional “corridos.” The roster of acts includes Legado 7, Fuerza Regida and Arsenal Efectivo, among others.
Terms of the deal were not disclosed, however, Daffurn expanded on Humilde’s non-traditional marketing strategies, which have been noted industry-wide. The music of the Rancho Humilde also includes acts El De La Guitarra and Herencia De Patrones. The label’s bands cover themes such as immigration, cannabis legalization and issues impacting the Mexican border.
“Cinq Music has been in Latin since our inception, and have been ahead of the curve in new genres like Trap Latino,” Daffurn said. “We were looking for the right opportunity in Regional Mexican and Rancho Humilde is the next age of the genre. It’s young, it’s urban, and has taken off outside the U.S. and Mexico.”
Humilde, who on Aug. 24 debuts his popular Smoke Me Out Fest at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif., is known for his unorthodox way of navigating the music business. One way he does that is by focusing almost entirely on social media and mostly bypassing radio and TV.
Rancho Humilde’s growth has also been attributed to the popular Smoke Me Out Tour, which has grown steadily throughout the years. Last year, the tour reached a fever pitch as fan attendance grew dramatically. The tour traveled across the U.S. and was seen at small and larger-sized venues in cities such as Los Angeles, Denver, and Austin, among other places.
In late 2017, Rancho Humilde got a surprise shout-out by rapper Snoop Dogg who told his 20-million-plus Instagram followers to check out Legado’s 7’s music. Momentum kept building and a musical movement was born.
“We do things differently, we always have,” Humilde said. “The strength and popularity of our music is a reflection of the demographics of this country. Our fans speak English but love to listen to music that keeps them connected to their roots.”

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