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Divorce and family separation are very difficult.
We’re caring and compassionate attorneys who strive for the best possible outcome for all parties involved. Protecting Your Wealth, Assets, & Children.

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What Our Clients Said

“One of my clients faced a difficult situation and needed legal counsel, I recommended Richie Litigation and my clients couldn’t stop complimenting how well Richie Litigation handled their case. They are sticklers for details, and follow through on their promise.”

Sona G.

“This law firm is top notch! Their fees are reasonable and they will not nickel and dime you excessively for every email, phone call or other trifle matters. The most valued aspect of using this law firm is that you are under the best guidance for your own benefits. They care about you.”

Jay S.

We’re in your corner to make sure you..

Keeping your life in tact through a difficult divorce

Keep Your Life Intact

Whether you’re facing the threat of jail time or the threat of financial devastation, we can help you defend yourself in the legal system.

Helpin gmaintain connections with your children and all your loved ones that you hold m,ost dear.

Maintain Connections

The end of a relationship with your partner should never have to be the end of your relationship with your kids.

Helping You to Get Closure

Get Closure

When situations linger, it can drive you up a wall. Let us help your resolve family issues before things get out of hand.

Offering unyielding, compassionate representation for:

Top Rated California Divorce Lawyers


Divorces can be difficult even in the best cases. In these tough situations, you want an advocate who can help you protect your family and your Assets. You want the relief that comes from knowing your interests are being fully represented. Richie Litigation is there to protect your life from any disruptions. When you call, we’ll be there. child-custody

Child Custody

We know how important your children are to you. That’s why their safety and the continuing strength of your relationship with them is critical to us. When you are involved in custody battles or you need to enforce court-ordered issues, Richie Litigation will do the fighting for you. Help establishing Child support

Child Support

When one parent isn’t holding up their end of the bargain, it can cause damage to your kids and your finances. You can rely on Richie Litigation to help you get the support you need. When your partner refuses to participate in their responsibilities, we’ll help you hold them accountable to do what’s right. Get Help Today (213) 265-7888

Meet Your Attorneys

You’ve Found The Best Attorneys in California. Caring, Compassionate, & Fighting for You.

Darren Richie, Chairman and Founder of Richie Litigation


Chairman & Founder Darren Richie, Chairman, and Founder of Richie Litigation established his firm to provide his clients with only the best legal expertise. Powered by unwavering principles of integrity, bravery, and motivation; Richie will never give up on a client. Anthony Castillo, Attorney at Richie Litigation, P.C.


Attorney Antonio is a savvy negotiator and fierce litigator who has demonstrated an uncanny ability to find solutions where none were thought to exist. He represents a premium level of service, believing that his clients deserve quick turnaround and quality results. Irene Chen, Attorney


Attorney Irene’s practice focuses on mergers and acquisitions where she represents both buyers and sellers. She provides her clients day-to-day counseling on a broad range of transactional and governance matters. Michelle Ferguson


Associate Attorney Michelle Ferguson is an associate attorney at Richie Litigation. Her practice focuses on criminal matters, primarily misdemeanors. She also handles family law cases, including child custody and divorce. Get Help Today (213) 265-7888

We Help Protect Your Assets and Your Family’s Future

We Don’t Settle. We Fight For You Every Step Of The Way.

High-Net-Worth divorces can be very complicated. Often both parties share accounts, business assets, investments, real estate, and other high-valued assets.

It’s imperative that you have a divorce attorney carefully consider what property and assets need to be separated, which are marital, and what the value for each is.

The attorneys at Richie Litigation have years of accumulated knowledge working with high-net-worth individuals and are dedicated to implementing smart solutions that will preserve the wealth & assets that you worked so hard for.

We offer complete asset protection during and after your divorce.

We handle the division of property in divorces involving a wide range of complex assets:

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