Feb 11, 2019     Comments Off on Female defendant violated probation for ADW and a new charge of Petty Theft

Violation:  Female was facing 4 years in prison after violating probation. Additionally, she faced new charges for Petty Theft in Burbank Court which would have certainly landed her in prison due to being on active probation.
Results: After unsuccessful results with her court appointed attorney, she retained Richie Litigation. Her charges were later reduced to 365 days with 213 days credit for time served and was only in custody for a total of 152 days. Probation was successfully revoked. She will be released by summer 2019 and reunited with her 9-year-old daughter to restart their new life. Her 2 counts of petty theft in the Burbank Court were dismissed by the District Attorney’s Office due to the advocacy provided by Attorney Michelle Ferguson.

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