May 24, 2019   Attorney For Stan Lee’s Ex-Business Manager Says Elder Abuse Charges are ‘without merit’   Comments Off on Attorney For Stan Lee’s Ex-Business Manager Says Elder Abuse Charges are ‘without merit’

Stan LeeA lawyer for Stan Lee‘s former business manager Keya Morgan is calling the charges of elder abuse filed against him the “latest in the line of personal attacks” against his client.
Attorney Antonio Castillo III said in an exclusive statement to Page Six, “They are without merit and designed solely to drag his name in the mud in anticipation of the coming litigation on behalf Mr. Morgan against ill-intentioned parties that have been defaming him and interfering with his business dealings for the past few months.”
Morgan was charged on May 10 with five counts of elder abuse, including false imprisonment, fraud, and forgery. A warrant was also issued for his arrest.
In an email, Castillo continued to deny the allegations against Morgan, saying, “the patently false claims of elder abuse are total lies, and have been shown to be that in the past. They are only resurfacing now because Stan Lee himself is no longer alive and able to refute them as he had done previously.”
Comis legend Lee died in November at age 95 after dealing with numerous illnesses, including pneumonia. Prior to his death, the Marvel co-creator threatened to sue anyone who said Morgan was mistreating him. Morgan also said in a tweet he would file a lawsuit against “fraudsters” who accused him of abuse.
“There are numerous instances of Stan saying nothing but nice things about Keya and directly refuting and dismissing any allegations of elder abuse,” Castillo added. “Keya Morgan and Stan Lee were close friends and business partners that leeches and vultures wanted to separate because Mr. Morgan would not allow Stan to be taken advantage of.”
The California-based attorney did not elaborate on who the “leeches” and “vultures” were, but according to Reuters, Lee’s family is behind the accusations that have brought about the latest charges.
This article originally appeared on Page Six.

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